An online corporate consultation customized to your specific needs

The constraints created by the Covid 19 pandemic and the uncertainties that the crisis has created compel senior executives to gather the maximum amount of focused knowledge, insights and perspectives that will help them make the right decisions and ensure business sustainability in a time of unprecedented economic and geopolitical turmoil in which “business as usual” seems to be a thing of the past– and to do that in ways adapted to the new context.

To complement our existing portfolio of worldwide events we are now offering customized online seminars/brainstormings to provide top executives of a specific company with:

  • Knowledge: Strategic Insights and perspectives tailored to their strategic needs and priorities.
  • Access to experts who will go beyond general analysis to drill down on the specific issues and questions on the company’s agenda.
  • Time effectiveness: Interactive video online conferences allowing executives to save on travel time and expenses.

General Format of the online seminars

Based on an initial discussion with the client company, key issues/questions are defined to create an agenda of discussion.

Smadja will identify an initial list of experts to draw from and involve in the online seminar according to the topics defined.

Smadja will provide participants to the seminar with a concise background document to ensure that the discussion can quickly move to key issues.

The online seminar proper will be a two-hour session involving the corporate executives, two to three relevant experts as well as a moderator who will run the live discussion.

A follow-up online discussion or email subsequent exchanges can be organized according to needs.

A two to three-page executive summary of the discussions will be produced by Smadja and sent to the client company after the online seminar.