Welcome to a new branding opportunity

As forward-thinking companies are re-engineering their infrastructure from top to bottom to become more interconnected, efficient and effective, they are also redesigning their sponsorship programs to optimize and integrate partnerships, and align them behind growth and enterprise-wide impact. This requires a shift from being a buyer of sponsorships to one of collaboration and partnerships.

Smadja & Smadja is seeking a select few brand partners to take advantage of this new category of activation, incorporating the latest tools of engagement, both onsite, online and digital, all with maximised return-on-investment for all the parties.

Introducing Corporate Circle, limited to a 10 select corporate brand partners — Starting with The Growth Net in India, a gathering of the “Who’s Who” of global economic, business and technology experts of growth countries, partner with Smadja & Smadja in 2019 to take part and engage with a unique audience in the following events:

The Growth Net • New Delhi, India • 6 – 7 June
Roundtable Japan • Tokyo, Japan • 1 – 2 July
World Manufacturing Convention • Hefei, Anhui Province, China • 20 – 23 September
Agora • Tucson, Arizona, USA • 3 – 5 October
Mexico Business Summit • Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico • 20 – 22 October

In addition, individual event sponsorships for any of the above summits and conferences, along with bespoke options and exclusivities are also available.

Align your brand with the most exciting, innovative and fastest developing trends, technologies, and platforms of the world.
Associate with some of the world’s leading thinkers and influencers from around the globe.
Affiliate with some of the world’s most relevant causes.
Connect with the world’s most influential decision-makers and opinion-shapers.
Shape the future of society and become an integral player in innovation.