Global Insights Services: What we provide to our clients

Smadja & Smadja offers a range of services designed to help its clients navigate and leverage globalization through an understanding of the economic, geopolitical and social trends at play in a particular region or in relation to global issues or emerging developments. The firm creates “platforms of content” of different formats, length and focus that strengthen the client’s anticipation and analysis capabilities in an increasingly volatile global context. Smadja & Smadja help its clients identify the relevant new trends, new developments, new factors and new actors on the economic social and political scene.

Strategic analyses, briefings and corporate seminars

We provide “on call” sessions which bring a new dimension to existing perceptions and assessments concerning new macroeconomic, business and geopolitical developments as they occur. This on request “flash” analysis is designed to help top management and senior executives of the client corporation evaluate the impact and management of new risks and opportunities and put them in perspective in order to either corroborate or challenge existing operating assumptions. Summaries and trend analysis reports are provided to clients.

Scenario planning exercises & corporate alterness programming

Outcome oriented and operational in design, these brain storming exercises and sessions are conducted in a condensed fashion maximizing management’s time. Presentations on specific issues of special interest are tailored and customized to top management and the board which can also be used to supplement our client’s own in house research. The goal is to evaluate how emerging global trends affect both geopolitical and macroeconomic developments as they occur, so that our clients can adjust to a fast changing and complicated environment.

Networking support & creation of management international advisory boards

Our clients are able to leverage and benefit from our wide ranging global network among business leaders, public personalities and academic experts in China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico, the Gulf Region, Middle East, North Africa, Europe, Latin America and the US. Access to this network is truly invaluable.

Based on our long standing experience in bringing together top personalities into a well focused and synergies oriented group, Smadja & Smadja creates and manages high level International Advisory Boards for corporations and government entities giving them a “value adding support group” to help create strategy and further their reach.

Region related & globalization strategies advisory services

Services rely on our in depth and extensive knowledge of these regions and on the existence of a unique top level network in the business, political and academic communities in the region involved. Our expertise helps clients shape, develop and implement their strategy taking into account the opportunities and risks associated in creating or expanding operations in specific countries. We aid in identifying potentials partners, facilitating visits and meetings between parties to generate an in depth understanding of the business, economic and political environment in the country considered to establish valuable connections.

International Events

Our events which focus on a particular region or theme are of the highest international standards offering access to top leaders from government, business, organizations, academia and the media. Since our start in 2001, Smadja & Smadja Global Insights has earned a strong reputation and become synonymous with creating and producing events of prestige that range from small, private, closed door, roundtables to large, high profile, conferences and summits. We are responsible for all aspects involved; from concept and program development to the invitation of world renowned experts, contact and management of suppliers and on site management of the event. To date, Smadja & Smadja events take place across the globe. Executive Summaries for each event are prepared for all participants.