India Global Innovation Connect

The India Global Innovation Connect is a two-day annual meeting to foster and promote technological innovation in India by discussing the issues and policies involved, identifying the openings and challenges brought by disruptive technologies, while creating a channel of interaction between technology developers and business end-users. The India Global Innovation Connect is an opportunity for Bangalore, as a high-tech hub, to join other global event hosts with a top level annual platform for Indian executives and academics to engage in a dialogue with their foreign peers and partners to initiate new ideas and relationships.

Roundtable Japan (RTJ)

Created in 2005 in partnership with Forma Corporation, Roundtable Japan is an annual meeting of a unique nature in Japan.

The Roundtable Japan is a brainstorming platform on the key issues and challenges shaping the future of Japan and brings together Japan’s policy making business and academic elites. It has an intentional limit for attendance to 180 delegates to ensure that the goals of genuine, outcome-oriented interaction can be met.

Participants comprise top business leaders, opinion-makers, and relevant academic experts from Japan. A significant number of business executives from US, European, Chinese, and Asian corporations involved in Japan will also be participating.

The Roundtable Japan is positioned as a high-profile event, meant to bring together among the most innovative thinkers and leaders, the greatest amount of positive energy, in order to provide a substantial contribution to the on-going discussion on the future of Japan.

Shenzhen Global Marine Economy Forum

Smadja & Smadja Strategic Advisory has been mandated by the Shenzhen Municipal Government to organize and manage the Forum since 2019.

The Forum is hosted by the Ministry of Natural Resources of the People’s Republic of China and the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government. It is being held every year in conjunction with the China Marine Economy Expo.

The overall purpose of the Shenzen Global Marine Economy Forum is to bring together international and Chinese policy makers, senior executives from major companies involved in maritime activities and issues and top thought leaders and academics in this domain to share their views and insights on:

    • Assessing and discussing the development and growth prospects for the Marine Economy – with the potential economic value of the Blue Economy expected to double by 2030 to reach $3 trillion – and its crucial importance for the global economy, for environment sustainability and for the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world.
    • The technology developments helping not only to optimize the economic potential of the Blue Economy but to ensure the sustainability of the world’s oceans and the necessary international cooperation to stop and reverse the environmental degradation.
    • The expansion of ocean-based industries – highlighting their growth and innovation potential, and how they could help in our responses to issues such as climate change, energy and food security.

The overall purpose of the Forum is to share views and expertise on these topics, to create some actionable outcomes through discussions and to enhance areas of further international cooperation.

Mexico Business Summit

Created by Smadja & Smadja in 2003 for Miguel Alemán Velasco, former Governor of the State of Veracruz in Mexico, The Summit has been going strong for 19 years and is now the premier business event in Mexico.

In the last editions few editions the Mexico Business Summit has attracted some 800 participants per year. It has become the premier, must-attend event on the Mexico business scene, for its networking opportunities and for the high level and forward thinking of its programming. Speakers in the Mexico Business Summit always include top political leaders from Mexico, leading members of Mexico’s corporate, political, and media elites. What sets apart the Summit, however, is its ability to attract international speakers of the highest calibre.

The Mexico Business Summit is produced by Smadja & Smadja.


In ancient Greek city-states, the agora was a central gathering place where citizens would meet to discuss all the issues affecting the life and the future of the city and to attend spiritual and athletic events.

Agora is a two-day annual get-together to help broaden the horizon and stimulate lateral thinking for the new generation of entrepreneurs or who are taking over the family business and are expanding it, leveraging the opportunities opened by globalization and the technology revolutions.

Agora is about thinking together and sharing experiences and perspectives on the new trends reshaping the economic, business technology and geopolitical scene and assessing their impact on business, personal lives and on the way we relate to the world. It is also about creating new, enriching, relationships and generating new business opportunities.

Tucson, Arizona, USA
Dates TBD

Public Program 2020
Executive Summary 2018