India Global Innovation Connect

The India Global Innovation Connect is a two-day annual meeting to foster and promote technological innovation in India by discussing the issues and policies involved, identifying the openings and challenges brought by disruptive technologies, while creating a channel of interaction between technology developers and business end-users. The India Global Innovation Connect is an opportunity for Bangalore, as a high-tech hub, to join other global event hosts with a top level annual platform for Indian executives and academics to engage in a dialogue with their foreign peers and partners to initiate new ideas and relationships.

Roundtable Japan (RTJ)

Created in 2005 in partnership with Forma Corporation, Roundtable Japan is an annual meeting of a unique nature in Japan.

The Roundtable Japan is a brainstorming platform on the key issues and challenges shaping the future of Japan and brings together Japan’s policy making business and academic elites. It has an intentional limit for attendance to 180 delegates to ensure that the goals of genuine, outcome-oriented interaction can be met.

Participants comprise top business leaders, opinion-makers, and relevant academic experts from Japan. A significant number of business executives from US, European, Chinese, and Asian corporations involved in Japan will also be participating.

The Roundtable Japan is positioned as a high-profile event, meant to bring together among the most innovative thinkers and leaders, the greatest amount of positive energy, in order to provide a substantial contribution to the on-going discussion on the future of Japan.

Global Automotive Forum (GAF)

The Global Automotive Forum has been created by Smadja & Smadja for the China Committee for Automotive Exhibitions to provide an innovative and authoritative approach and deeper understanding of the issues and challenges shaping the future of the automotive industry worldwide.

Going beyond the existing national or regional automotive conferences, the Forum is an annual truly global platform to discuss the most relevant structural changes, the trends, critical factors and opportunities facing the automotive sector worldwide. It aims to generate a productive and outcome-oriented discussion among manufacturers, political decision-makers, economists, experts and media leaders on a global basis. The Forum will also provide participants with cutting edge insights on relevant technology, econimic, societal, trade developments impacting on the industry.

The discussion of the inaugural meeting in September has covered the key issues and challenges shaping the future of the automotive industry as it goes through a critical era of transition, including the impact of China’s automotive industry emergence and its game-changer nature for the whole industry. The Global Automotive Forum has brought together about 500 business leaders from key automotive manufacturers (OEMs) and auto parts and operating systems manufacturers, senior policy makers, executives from the financial sector as well as top experts from China and around the world.

Chengdu, China
16-17 September 2010

India-Japan Global Partnership Summit (IJGPS)

India-Japan Global Partnership is a mutually beneficial partnership. India and Japan will work together by pooling their strengths and expertise to not only benefit the national interest of each other but also the rest of the world.

Over the last few years, Asia has emerged as a new world leader by making significant contributions to the global economy. India and Japan have played a vital role in this transformation.

Historically, India and Japan have engaged in socio-cultural exchanges. Bestowed with common ideals such as democracy, human values, legal values, structured market economy and financial institutions, India and Japan share a global vision of peace, stability, energy efficient, environment responsible and sustainable development.

To implement these ideals and values, “India-Japan Global Partnership ” was announced in the year 2000 by the then Honorable Prime Ministers of both the nations.

Tokyo, Japan
5-7 September 2011

Tunisia-Libya Infrastructure Investment Forum

Tunisia and Libya are undergoing major changes, opening a new era in their respective national histories, with a great range of opportunities to create new business partnerships and launch new projects in two of Africa’s most fertile markets.

The Tunisia-Libya Infrastructure Investment Forum is the first significant meeting that brings together Tunisian, Libyan and international business leaders as well as Tunisian and Libyan politicians and senior members of international organizations. A limited number of senior business executives like yourself will gather to meet with relevant political, business, and other relevant players in the economic development and reconstruction efforts in these two countries.

The agenda covers key sectors of interest for foreign companies seeking to start or deepen their involvement in Tunisia or Libya and will focus the critical issues relating to construction, road infrastructure, rail and air transport, and energy and the health sectors. The discussions will allow participants to engage in a direct dialogue with senior business and political figures from Tunisia and Libya to help assess economic and business prospects in a very pragmatic way, looking at the short and medium-term possibilities.

Dejerba, Tunisia
18-19 February 2012


Special Arab Roundtable (SAR)

The Special Arab Roundtable was created in 2011 by Smadja & Smadja to assess the key implications of the “Arab Spring” and its consequences on the political and economic context.

It brings together business, political and media personalities along with academic experts for “behind closed doors” brainstormings, not only to analyze issues and prospects but also to help identify their implications for business strategies and political stability. It is by invitation only to relevant personalities from within and outside the Arab world. The mix of expertise and perspectives provided by the discussion leaders, the restricted number of participants as well as the distinct format of discussions ensure maximum “take home value” for participants.

The theme of the 2012 edition of the Special Arab Roundtable is “The Arab World’s New Normal: Challenges, opportunities and what next?”. This second edition will be of utmost interest and relevance in this period of heightened volatility and uncertainties.

Washington D.C.
9-10 May 2012

Zermatt Summit

The Zermatt Summit was created in 2010 as a platform to promote a constructive, action-oriented dialogue between civil society and business. It is our conviction that it is through this kind of dialogue and through a better interaction between civil society, business and governments that we will be able to achieve a more inclusive globalization.

The The 4th edition of Zermatt Summit will be held on June 20 & 21st on the theme: “Building Partnership of Winners”.

Over 200 participants from over 18 countries are expected to join this 4th edition to foster their ideas and challenge their point of views in a strategically oriented, quieter and productive dialogue.

As a non-partisan independent platform able to bring together the different players and interested parties, the Zermatt Summit will provide an holistic approach to the topics discussed, emphasizing well-structured brainstorming sessions, genuine interaction and avoiding formal speeches, thus ensuring significant “take home value” for the participants.

Zermatt, Switzerland
20-21 June 2013


China Global Enterprises Forum

The China Global Enterprises Forum is the Premier event positioned to focus on the strategic implications of China’s new economic context and priorities for Chinese as well as for foreign companies operating in China. The Forum is designed to assess the impact of China’s new normal for corporate strategies, and what the orientations set in the 13th Five-Year Plan – to shift to a new growth model – imply for Chinese companies as well as for foreign companies operating in China. The agenda of the Forum has been set to help better identify the new factors and new priorities to be taken into account the new opportunities already emerging and the role that foreign companies can play in the new economic context.

The Forum brings together Chinese senior executives and their interlocutors and partners from foreign companies, along with public personalities and top-level experts in an outcome-oriented interaction. It provides a privileged opportunity for business networking and the development of new business relationships. The 2016 edition of the Forum will comprise around 300 participants, by-invitation only and is officially supported by the Municipality of Ningbo

23-24 September 2016

China Outbound Forum

Created at a very timely moment when the drive for overseas expansion of Chinese companies is entering a new phase, The China Outbound Forum differentiates itself from existing conferences which are more focused on promoting overseas investment locations.

It is designed to support Chinese companies as they consider expanding their activities internationally – while attracting also mainland companies now well established at the global level.

The Forum is a platform bringing together Chinese senior executives and their interlocutors from foreign companies as well as from other sources of expertise and knowledge, with an agenda designed to cover the key issues and challenges that Chinese outbound companies need to identify and address successfully as they move abroad.

Sanya, China
2-3 December 2016

The Growth Net

The Growth Net has been created to reflect the new reality of the global economy.

It is the only event of its kind, with its emphasis not only on the new MNCs but also on the MNCs in the making, with its agenda focused on the common opportunities and challenges, the common ambitions and expectations of the new constellation of growth countries; it is also unique in terms of the business to business interaction it creates.

While existing international business conferences remain centered on the traditional players of the global economy and address issues related to this new constellation of growth as a “side show”, the Growth Net is here to meet a growing need and to fulfill an increasingly relevant and necessary role as linkages among the countries of this group keep expanding.

The Inaugural Edition of The Growth Net was held in New Delhi, India on March 10 to 12, 2012.

AIMA’s Global Advanced Management Programme

China – and the Chinese economy – have entered a new stage of transition dictated by domestic as well as international developments. On the domestic front, the structural trend of slowing down growth reflects the fact that the country has entered a phase of economic maturation as well as some major issues that the leadership needs to confront such as the need to address significant financial risks borne out, among other factors, of the unmanaged expansion of shadow banking, or the increasingly lower returns on investments in some sectors of activity. At the international level, the trade war initiated by Washington is just one facet of the broader confrontation between the US and a China now seen as a strategic competitor and a threat to America’s prominence.

The conjunction of these two elements creates a new – very complex – context for China’s policies and evolution for the years ahead worth to understand for any business leader given the tremendous impact that China’s actions and policies will continue to have on the global economic and geopolitical environment.

The AIMA Global Advancement Programme in Beijing will allow participants to achieve the following key objectives:

    • Getting an “inside look” at the evolution of the Chinese economy and how the leadership is coping with the domestic and international headwinds that are buffeting it. Where will economic priorities be in the coming years?
    • Understanding the policies and actions through which China is accelerating the pace of its technology catch up process and pushing forward towards in the leveraging of disruptive technologies and the digitization of its economy.
    • Assessing the impact of the US-China confrontation on the world’s economy and trade and on some key third countries such as India.
    • Assessing ways to expand and intensify the India-China business interaction despite the numerous issues between the two countries.
    • Getting a better knowledge on how the Chinese system works and how the priority on tight political control and sustainability of the system shape policies in every domain.

Beijing, People’s Republic of China
17 – 22 November 2019

Brochure 2019

MITA TechTalks

Smadja & Smadja has partnered up with Mita Ventures to host its annual MITA TechTalks on February 9-12, 2020 in Punta Mita, Mexico. The annual MITA TechTalks is the premier technology and venture capital event of the year in Mexico. A flagship invite-only forum captures cross-border tech innovation opportunities to build the economies of the future.

    • 25 Invite-Only Participants
    • Talks, Workshops, and Tech-ila
    • Oceanside Networking and Deal-making

This year’s edition theme, “LatAm Innovation in the Global Spotlight” will cover opportunities and challenges in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain, what new trends in Innovation investing, best practices end lessons learned from LatAm’s top entrepreneurs on growing a global company and what are the new players in the LatAm tech and startup ecosystem.

Hosted by Mita Ventures and Smadja & Smadja, Mita TechTalks provides a unique platform for investors, corporations with venture initiatives, startups with international ambitions and thought leaders from Silicon Valley to expand business opportunities and address the challenges present in the ecosystem.

Punta Mita, Nayarit, Mexico
9 – 12 February 2020